Create High Performance Teams

In their books, Peters and Carr provide a valuable foundation and overview of the key research about what creates high performance teams. Leaders and coaches will find the HPTC framework and 50 Tips useful and effective in supporting their work and raising their own credibility to effect change in teams.

A Comprehensive System

High Performance Team Coaching (HPTC) is a robust, proven approach for leaders, coaches, and Human Resources (HR) professionals to use for skillfully coaching teams to excel. The HPTC system enables greater team effectiveness and engagement for all kinds of teams, including leadership, executive, project, functional, technical, and business teams.

Proven Strategies

50 research based tips for leading teams to effectively achieve results, improve performance, and enhance engagement. Highly relevant for leaders, Human Resources professionals, and team members. Includes practical actions to implement each tip.

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Make your Team Terrific! – What 50 years of team effectiveness research tells us REALLY works.



Coaching your Team for Success: Implementing the High Performance Team Coaching (HPTC) System


From half day sessions to ongoing support over several months or more, we tailor a process that fits best for your team to achieve its stretch goals.  We don’t do activities for activity’s sake.  We focus on using targeted processes that relate to the objectives you want to achieve.  We help you obtain results in a safe and fun environment that stimulates dialogue and builds skills.